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Be spellbound as you move from Angkor Wat in Cambodia's jungle to the French colonial atmosphere of Phnom Penh, learning about this fascinating country's tortuous past along the way.

This is a tour that allows you to explore and experience all the thrillsand chills of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

I look forward to traveling with STI again in the future!

The world's a big place, but for those in the know, South East Asia is on the radar as the continent that has it all with thousands of ways to thrill and chill.

Otherwise, get some friends together and take a trip to the nearby Kouang Si Falls for a swim and a bit of nature.

For something different, check out what’s going on down by the river.

Vacation Day 1 - Arrive Bangkok Check-in to your hotel and head straight out to explore the massive, buzzing city of Bangkok.

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Get your bearings when you take a city tour with our Local Guide and your Tour Manager.Or maybe you prefer to relax riverside and soak up the chilled-out Lao vibes of this stopover.Wind down the day with your friends and catch a sunset at a riverside bar or an island watering-hole.Next up: the klongs (canals) of Bangkok- you'll soon understand why this city is often dubbed 'Venice of the East'.Overnight Train (B) Vacation Day 3 - Chiang Mai Wake up in chilled-out Chiang Mai, Thailand’s pretty, second largest city.Experience amazing contrasts such as from Thailand's capital, where Mercedes compete with tuk tuks and skyscrapers press against ramshackle shop houses, to the serenity of the postcard-perfect Mekong Delta which is all rice paddy fields, coconut palms and sugar fields being tended by farmers in conical shaped hats.Experience the unique and intriguing country that is Laos, with its isolated villages, peaceful and spiritual tribes and French colonial past.Hotel Vacation Day 5 - Chiang Rai to Pakbeng Today, we travel across the border into laid-back Laos, South East Asia’s only land-locked country.Our night stop is the riverside village of Pakbeng, where you’ll truly be off the beaten track and can experience a bit of rural Laos living. Guesthouse (L) (B, D) Vacation Day 6 - Pakbeng to Luang Prabang Back on board the boat this morning, we continue cruising down the Mekong, past thick forests and mountains.This morning’s spectacular drive winds its way down to riverside Vang Vieng, known for its dramatic limestone karsts (rock formations) and outdoor adventure activities.With cliffs, tunnels, caves, caverns and a river, there’s plenty of ways to get active and turn up the energy levels.

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