Bob jones university ban on interracial dating

And in 1986, as the head of the Office of Legal Counsel, Cooper signed an OLC opinion that argued that employers could reject job applicants with AIDS if they were concerned about contracting the disease.was one of the more odious episodes in the history of the Reagan Justice Department.INTERRACIAL DATING WON'T CUT YOU OFF For a few days, I thought that Bob Jones University had seen the light. C., university recently dropped its ban on interracial dating.School officials somehow realized that the 1950s are over, perhaps after turning on a television and noticing that even popular host Maury Povich, a white man, is married to, let’s just say, "a person of another race." But three days after Bob Jones joined the rest of America in the new millennium, the fundamentalist Christian university stepped back into the 1960s.It now falls to fundamentalists, evangelicals, and even Bob Jones University to answer the question Jones has indirectly raised: What other extrabiblical rules do we have that cause more harm than benefit to the church of Jesus Christ?

Coming from this symbolic center of old-line fundamentalist gravity, could it signal a rethinking of the barriers that have separated mainstream evangelicals and fundamentalists during the last half-century?In 1982, once the Reagan people were heavily ensconced in their new jobs, the federal government under then-AG William French Smith abruptly changed sides and lined up with the discriminatory institutions.This confusion obviated any possibility of a settlement and the case went to the Supreme Court where the schools, and the Reagan Justice Department got waxed, 8-1, with only Associate Justice William Rehnquist dissenting.If it wasn’t for an interracial marriage, they wouldn’t have to deal with Tiger Woods. Regarding your question about your son’s looks, let me say this: As Christians, we’re taught not to judge people on their appearance. Because of him, we’ve had to replace several mirrors. They’ve been happily married for many years and have produced 12 beautiful children. One of these days, when they least expect it, they’re going to be cut off from people. Hey Bob Jones III, here’s a note from me: A good way to cut yourself from people is to be concerned about their race.Anyway, despite my concerns, I’m giving you permission to allow my son to date women of other races. It’s probably a good idea to allow him to inter-date. By the way, you're right about television: It is definitely evil. Fundamentally and separately yours, Bob Jones III." A friend of mine is quite proud of Bob Jones University, her alma mater, so if I don’t write a column next week, you’ll know that she has killed me. I would make the Toby Ziegler Bet that this is one of the staffing decisions that he's subcontracted out to Heritage and/or the Federalist Society.And that brings the conservative philosophy of back into play.It is with great joy that we greet the abandonment of Bob Jones University's most controversial ban: "There is to be no interracial dating." Bob Jones III announced the change March 3 on Larry King Live. I don't want to hurt the church of Jesus Christ."Jones went a step further.But a more wonderful surprise was Jones's rationale. "This thing is of such insignificance to us; it is so significant to the world at large, the media particularly, why should we have this here as an obstacle? After explaining that the ban originally stood to oppose "a one-world system of blending of all differences," he said, "The principle upon which [the ban] is based is very, very important.In 1970, the IRS stripped the tax exemption from universities that practiced racial discrimination on any grounds whatsoever.BJU—along with a Christian academy in North Carolina—sued for reinstatement because it claimed…wait for it…that its "religious liberty" had been violated.

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