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Lady Gaga involves herself in the #free Kesha situation and the guys have some thoughts about that..

Justin Bieber is melting down - Perez is mad at him but also concerned about his well-being. The guys discuss Trump and wonder if their listeners are Donald fans. What's going on with Arianna Grande, the good and not so good. Perez dives in to his boredom with the Kardashian nude pics.

Perez breaks a national story with news about a Trump affair. It's our annual Grammy recap show, however it gets derailed by the announcement of the new Big Brother cast. It's good to see the Kardashian's back to being hypocritical!

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Perez wants the ladies tossed from Gay bars and a debate ensues. Our incoming president is taking time out to meet with Kanye.

Is Selena Gomez letting her fans down by not promoting her new music? More bad news for Katy and some Kardashian news too. Celebrity Big Brother announces their new "celebs." And, does Perez share too many pictures of his children on social media..

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Also, Perez moved to LA and didn't bother to tell Booker...

Is Justin Timberlake's long-ago breakup with ex-girlfriend Britney Spears still on his brain?

Some at the "Suit & Tie" singer's Direc TV Super Bowl-eve concert thought so — thanks to an offhand comment he reportedly made about a former relationship with "some bitch." PHOTOS: Justin's love life On Saturday, Feb. "#Relax #Its Britney Bitch I do love that saying though *with accent* #Respect" ("It's Britney, bitch" is a line from Spears' hit "Gimme More." Since the song's 2007 release, the phrase has been sampled in various other tunes, including "Til the World Ends," featuring Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha, and's "Scream & Shout.") Timberlake, who married Jessica Biel in October 2012, hasn't spoken much recently about his relationship with Spears, but he did tell in 2011 that he wished her the best.

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