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I thought the movements were truly beautiful and flowed with power and grace and emotion.

Next, we must discuss Charlie White and Sharna Burgess. Okay, he’s a beautiful performer, so soft and tender while being strong.

That job has always been the hardest job on our show.

, who is one of the most lovely people you will ever meet in this business and has the miraculous ability to raise a large, beautiful family, keep her body in tip-top shape, be kind to everyone she meets, and make it all look like a day at the beach.

But, then to know of her special abilities and to watch her dance, it’s really spectacular and mind-boggling.

She did something I did not know was possible and she has opened my mind even more and I appreciate that.

His athleticism and focus drew us in; he didn’t perform for us, as much as he found the zone and stayed in it with a true focus that becomes very interesting to watch.

If he can work on his feet, point his toes, and smooth out his movement, there is something there–he has power.

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