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Target type is still magic so it will not deal damage tomagic immune units, but when it does deal damage to a unit, thatdamage is no longer reduced by magic armor. We found the root of the problem being howlong it took to refresh once null stone fired from a low cooldownability, thus the refresh time of the spell block effect was loweredfrom 20 seconds to 16 seconds.

The glowing crystal lensesallow the holder to see the world with a fresh, unnatural amount ofawareness and perception, along with a knowledge of the untapped powerwithin all things and how to access it. We have triedto refocus him in an attempt to make him competitive.

This change will adjust hispower level slightly, but still allows him to fulfill his stapleganker role effectively. deadwood needs some captain falcon love fielding: well certainly continue to add alternate avatars—we add basedon a number of factors, though, [so were not necessarily] aiming toadd one for every hero.

Wewouldnt want to add [an excessive amount of new content], or the gamechanges too frequently to the point of instability. We added some graphs to make iteasier for spectators to identify what players are the strongest inthe game, have the most kills, most gold, etc; [this also helpsspectators to] identify what team has an advantage in gold/experience.

Thesechanges will bring the damage more in line, allowing arachna to beless burst-centric.

Stopby their section on the forums to participate in one of their holidayeventsview eventspatch noteshero changesarachnaartesiabehemothberzerkerbombardierbubblescircedeadliftdeadwooddefilerelectricianarachna arachnas precision was simply dealing too much damage.

In agony, he struggled to oneknee and bowed before his king, begging to live another day so hecould avenge the soldiers lost to the hellbourne. Herultimate can provide a lot to a team fight and even more to a 1v1 gankin the jungle.

Added staff of the master- increases cast range to 5000 (both for the initial cast andthe subsequent movement).

This change makes it so that your creeps from the dead shallrise will be within range most of the time.

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