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Jewish father/Dominican mulata mother)Chris Stein (guitarist for Blondie)Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Michael Jackson guitarist)Barbra Streisand (singer/liberal political activist/actress)Sylvain Sylvain (born Sylvain Mizrahi in Egypt (designer Isaac Mizrahi is a cousin) guitarist of the NY Dolls)10 cc (polular for song "I'm Not In Love", Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, and Gouldman are all Jews)Mel Torme (singer)Nick Valensi (guitarist for The Strokes, son of Jews from Algeria)Veruca Salt (short-lived alternative band, Nina Gordon, Louise Post, and James Shapiro are Jews)Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen drummer, Late Night with Conan O'Brien band leader)Janet Weiss (singer)Leslie West (born Leslie Weinstein, leader of Mountain)Brad Wilk (drummer for Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave, communist party member)Brian, Carl, & Dennis Wilson (members of The Beach Boys)Carnie & Wendy Wilson (daughters of Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, 2/3rds of Wilson Phillips)Kirk Windstein (Crowbar/Down singer/bassist)Kip Winger (Winger singer/bassist, relative of Debra Winger)Peter Wolf (singer, formerly of the J.Geils Band)Randy Wolf (aka Randy California, guitarist for Spirit, died saving drowning son in Hawaii)Zal Yanovsky (The Lovin' Spoonful)Peter Yarrow (member of folk trio Peter, Paul & Mary..he's the only Jew in that group...political leftist, godfather of John Kerry's daughter...Roper from 3's Company)Totie Fields Larry Fine (3 Stooges)Joe Francis (creator/distributor of Girls Gone Wild series, indicted on indecency charges)Don Francisco (host of Univision's Sabado Gigante, born in Chile as Mario Kruetzberger)Barney Frank (openly gay politician)Al Franken (comedian/leftist political commentator/founder of Air America)Bonnie Franklin (star of One Day at a Time)Betty Frieden (feminist, founder of NOW)Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist)John Garfield (actor, real name: Jacob Garfinkle)Brad Garrett (star of Everybody Loves Raymond)Ina Garten (TV cook)George Gershwin (composer)Sarah Michelle Geller (actress)Uri Geller (con-artist/"magician")Gina Gershon Paul Michael Glasser (star of Starsky & Hutch)Jamie Gleicher Elon Gold Judy Gold (stand up comic)Tracey Gold (star of "Benson")Goldberg (pro wrestler)Adam Goldberg (actor, star of Saving Private Ryan)Barry Goldwater (politician/presidential candidate)Benny Goodman (band leader)Edie Gorme (singer, wife of Steve Lawrence)Gilbert Gottfried (comedian/actor)Elliott Gould (actor/ex-husband of Barbra Streisand)Ellen Greene Mrs.Greenthumbs Caryn Groedel (reality TV star)Michael Gross (star of Family Ties-Christian convert)Steve Guttenberg (star of Police Academy films, Cocoon, others)Buddy Hackett (legendary comedian)Dan Hedaya (played Rhea Pearlman's husband on Cheers, starred in some movies, Israeili Sephardim background, always plays being either Spanish or Italian)Joseph Heller Hershey's (America's chocolate empire)Barbara Hershey (actress)Theodor Herzl (writer)Paul Heyman (aka Paul E.The Flamingos (doo-wop act of the 50s formed by Jewish brothers Jake & Zeke Carey, both later converted to Christianity)Jon Fishman (drummer for Phish)Alan Freed (DJ who in 1951 coined the term rock and roll)Kinky Friedman (country singer/author/humorist)Marty Freidman (ex-Megadeth guitarist, now pop star in Japan)Justine Frischmann (singer for Elastica)Art Garfunkel (Simon & Garfunkel)The J. Geils is NOT Jewish, however the rest of the band time called "the Jewish Rolling Stones")Philip Glass (new age composer, convert to Buddhism)Mike Gordon (pedophile bassist for Phish)Lesley Gore (singer of "It's My Party")Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac guitarist, born Peter Greenbaum)Norman Greenbaum (one hit wonder from the 60s, now dentist in Miami Beach)Josh Groban (Jewish father, raised Episcopalian)Brad Gurewitz (Bad Religion guitarist/Epitaph Records founder)Arlo Guthrie (1/2 Jewish folk singer, son of communist/non-Jewish folk singer Woody Guthrie)Mickey Hart (drummer for The Grateful Dead, only member of the Dead who was Jewish)Richard Hell (punk rocker born Richard Myers)Susanna Hoffs (leader of The Bangles)Rob Hyman (member of The Hooters)Janis Ian (folk singer briefly popular)Scott Ian (Rosenfeld), Dan & Dave Spitz (Anthrax members...

It is a list of Jewish people, celebrities mostly but also well known Jewish people.

Everybody listed can be verified via various official websites, proof provided if requested.

I will be adding and updating in the future, feel free to add but warning this isn't Stormfront, if you're dumb enough to add Andy Griffith or Kenny Rogers I will not be very nice in my reply... Bud Abbot was a half or full Jew depending on source, Lou Costello was not Jewish)Paula Abdul - (singer/American Idol judge...

, and more)Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G and Borat of HBO)Sasha Cohen (figure skater)Didi Cohn (co-star of Grease)Mindy Cohn (star of The Facts of Life)David Copperfield (magician)Howard Cossell (sports commentator)Billy Cristal (comedian/actor)Norm Crosby David Cross (stand-up comic, appears 1/2 black but not sure)Rodney Dangerfield (comic/actor)Larry David (comedian/sitcom creator)Cecil B.

De Mille (director, Episcopalian convert)Dustin Diamond Selma Diamond (actress from Night Court)Benjamin Disraeli (prime-minister of Great Britain, Anglican convert)Kirk Douglas (actor)Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live comedienne)Fran Drescher (star of The Nanny)Richard Driefuss (actor)Herb Edelman Albert Einstein (physicist)Bob Einstein (aka Super Dave)Fredrich Engels (associate of Karl Marx)Max Factor Corey Feldman (80s actor)Marty Feldman (actor/comedian, star of Young Frankenstein, born in England)Michael Feldman Arthur Fiedler (conductor)Jay Fiedler (Miami Dolphins/NY Jets quarterback, grandson of Arthur)Eddie Fisher (actor)Joely Fisher Tricia Leigh Fisher Norman Fell (Mr.

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