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OLE DB is the framework for Universal Data Access in Microsoft environments. ADO is the interface that provides access to the data.

As the name implies, ADO is implemented as a COM object.

Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) provides database access to any database source that has a driver available for it.

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If clients on your network are using Internet Explorer and/or Windows 98, they have ADO installed.These nondatabase data sources include any application or environment that can represent data in a tabular format.This could include graphical applications, spreadsheet data, and traditional relational databases.With ADO and IIS 3.0, ASP Web pages could query, update, delete, and manipulate data from any ODBC data source.ADO 1.5 is available in Internet Explorer 4.0 and IIS 4.0, and it is also available as a stand-alone download known as Microsoft Data Access Components.A file DSN consists of a file containing data source connection information and provides a more centralized way of managing connections because you do not require configuration of the DSN on each machine (see Solution 13.3).A DSN connection specifies an existing defined ODBC data source.The following terminology is used to describe the various components of the OLE DB architecture: SQL Server 7.0 is an example of a service provider.It provides transparent linking of diverse data sources using its linked server capability.ODBC is considered to be a "standard," and there are hundreds of drivers available that allow access to data sources from ASCII text files to high-end database servers that run on mini and mainframe computers.However, there is no way to use ODBC drivers directly in WSH.

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