Dating and marriage during the victorian era

Candles were a firm fixture of the Victorian Christmas and were used in different variants.

In many households, an advent wreath would be displayed in the run-up to Christmas.

A Swiss cottage was imported for the five children.

In it the princes were supposed to learn carpentry and gardening and the princesses housekeeping and cookery.

To enjoy even more privacy, in 1845, they acquired Osborne House, a 400 hectare country seat on the Isle of Wight.

Prince Albert designed the house himself in the style of an Italian Renaissance palazzo and the grounds were also landscaped to his specifications.

Although the name “Victorian age” might suggest otherwise, Queen Victoria’s political influence was quite modest.

** And last but not least, although usually attributed to the USA, Santa Claus also comes from Victorian England.

He went by the name of “Father Christmas” and brought the children their gifts on Christmas Eve.

Prince Albert is to thank for making the decorated Victorian Christmas tree popular in Great Britain.

In line with the custom in his homeland of Germany, Prince Albert had the first Christmas tree erected in Windsor Castle in 1841 and adorned with traditional German Christmas decorations.** The tradition of writing and sending Christmas cards still remains popular to this day.

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