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The North Jersey Coast Line is a New Jersey Transit commuter rail service running from New York City or Hoboken to Bay Head, New Jersey. On rail system maps it is colored light blue, and its symbol is a sailboat.It is based on what was once the New York & Long Branch Railroad which was co-owned by the Central of New Jersey and the Pennsylvania Railroad.Electrified operation between Rahway and South Amboy began about 1936; the catenary poles from the junction in Rahway to South Amboy are the Pennsylvania Railroad design used on their 1930s projects.Electrification was extended to Matawan in 1982, with catenary installed in the early 1980s.In 2002 the voltage from Matawan to Long Branch was changed from 12.5 k V to 25 k V.

The Club end of the car was furnished similar to Amtrak's Amfleet and Horizon fleet of cars.As on the 1982 extension the insulators can handle 25 k V.The catenary is self-adjusting (constant tensioning) with ambient temperature.During weekdays, five round trip diesel trains have run from Bay Head to Hoboken Terminal using the Waterfront Connection since September 9, 1991.Passengers can reach New York via the Northeast Corridor Line at Newark, or PATH at Newark or Hoboken.The Club also hosted various onboard activities to preserve its heritage.Club members enjoyed guaranteed and spacious seating as part of their annual membership fee that the Club remitted to New Jersey Transit as part of its lease agreement.The line also crosses over several other waterways on fixed bridges, the longest of which is over the Navesink River at Red Bank.The North Jersey Coast Line is electrified north (railroad east) of Long Branch.This was originally 11 k V, increased to 12 k V in 1978 along with Amtrak's New York-Washington electrification, with insulators capable of supporting 25 k V.Electrification at 12.5 k V 60 Hz was extended to Long Branch in 1988, with catenary installed in 1986–88.

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