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In fact you may have seen these things before, but you know it doesn’t hold, and therefore these feelings are not genuinely felt or owned by the narcissist, and certainly are not, and will not be applied in his or her life, or dealings with you.Now I’m going to get to the ‘everything happens for a reason’ part. Because we are choosing to believe that life is non-sensical, random and cruel, and we are powerless in a threatening version of life.With comments such as “She is so wonderful, and it means so much to me to have your blessing with her.” What is this all about?

Not to mention the horrific loses that you experienced along the way.

There are relationship endings that do exist whereby one or both parties has genuine concern in regard to creating closure, decency and respect when going separate ways. In fact your trying to gain closure keeps offering the narcissist A Grade Narcissistic Supply.

It supplies attention, and the ability for the narcissist to feel incredibly important that you are so affected by what he or she has done.

This truth is: The Creation Of Your Life Is Never Dependent On What Someone Else Is Or Isn’t Doing.

Through the experience of narcissistic abuse you were pulled out of your own power, and your entire feelings of Survival, Security and Identity became what the narcissist was or wasn’t doing.

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