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Therefore, a 70-year old man has a MHR of 150 beats per minute.MHR represents the maximum times your heart should beat per minute in any scenario, during exercise or otherwise.Your MHR is an approximation of your heart's maximum exertion level, the number of times in 1 minute your heart can beat while still performing its duty of moving blood throughout your body efficiently.

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This THR zone describes a range within which your exercise pulse should fall so that you may reap maximum rewards from your exercise regime. Therefore, because you are 70 years old, you will gain maximum rewards from cardiovascular exercise on a treadmill and minimize your risk of exercise injury by exercising within a heart rate range of 75 to 128 beats per minute.If you have sex with a guy who is all "go go go," and who forces his penis inside you before your body is ready, then you might get an injury that causes bleeding. If you bleed a bit the first time you have sex, it’s no big deal. And most of the time bleeding is a sign that it isn’t.Based in Olathe, Kan., Erika Henritz began her writing/editing career in 1994. Erika holds a Bachelor of Science in education and foreign language from the University of Kansas.All published materials will be sent to authorities.By placing any form of information, images, text and video materials in the dating section of, the user agrees that this information can be published on the first page of the portal, as well as confirms that this material publication rights belongs only to the user.At 70 years old, you may notice that it takes longer for your heart rate to rise during exercise and return to baseline at the end of your workout than it did 10 years ago.Your MHR is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to exercising at a healthy target heart rate for your age. A lot of girls stretch their hymens long before ever having sex by riding a bike, doing gymnastics or using a tampon. (That’s the thin tissue that stretches over the opening to the vagina).Exercise can also help you manage age-related illness, such as diabetes and hypertension, that can also increase cardiovascular risks.Whatever your personal reason to exercise on a treadmill or in any other way, using your MHR and THR rate calculations empowers you to do so safely, and in a manner that rewards you with the most benefit for your effort.

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