Dating scan leicestershire office is updating 2016

good luck x I thought the dating scan was meant to be between weeks 8-14?Because 7 4 does seem quite early, and it does seem a bit unfair that you aren't offered a 12 week scan just because you have had complications!i had one at 17 2 to sex my baby and it was brilliant!

x i have just popped over from first tri im in scotland and i had a scan at 6 1 and 7 1 and 1 last firday and i was 10 3 and i have also have a scan for my 13 weeks scan to do a dating scan i asked when i was in my scan on friday for my dates and i was told i would find out at 12-13 weeks.

Those two weeks were some of the longest i've ever experienced and the whole way through i continued getting pain and all i could keep thinking was that there wouldn't be a heartbeat at the end of it..

Thankfully, the scan two weeks later showed a healthy little bean complete with strong heartbeat..

at that point they were dating me at 7 weeks 4 days and I was over the moon!!!

they also noticed a small fibroid and also a luteal cyst but told me these were both normal and would be monitored. some weeks later i attended my first midwife appointment and explained everything that had happened to her...

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