Dating site for stay at home moms

But were those taking advantage of the one-day deal really malcontent moms, or maybe just people looking to play make believe in an online fantasy dating world?It could be either, according to New York City-based attorney Randi L. Even though the site does enlist single men and women, Karmel said there is no way to tell if a person really is married or not."You never know what you get when you meet people online," she said. People are very much drawn to it on a psychological level.It is emotionally cheating in the privacy of your home."But even if an unhappy mom was caught cheating, it couldn’t affect the monetary award she’d receive in a potential divorce settlement, according to Karmel.She said in a divorce proceeding, adultery is irrelevant to whether someone will pay maintenance or alimony."Even if someone screwed up the marriage and cheated, it still doesn't mean they wouldn't be able to get money," Karmel said."You don't financially punish someone for cheating."The only instance where adultery could alter alimony and child-support awards would be if he or she claimed they were not able to work because they were at home taking care of their children, and it came to light that they were out having affairs or using a site like Ashley Madison to cheat."Then a judge may order them to go get a job," Karmel said."But there is no provision in the law that says 'if you cheat you won't get the money [from a divorce settlement] you would have otherwise.'"Biderman said about 30% of the women on the site are single, compared to about 10% of men enlisted.He said he is fairly positive that those listed as "single" are telling the truth."Its one of those platforms where you tend to be honest," he said.

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He said the moms messaging this past Monday were on average, 36-years-old, and 68% were stay-at-home moms.I cannot bear my children, love them hence will love to love a family and be loved in return and looked... I like to listen and talk I accept different opinion with respect and in constructive way.One of my interest is spending good time at home and cooking is one of my big interest to share with friends and family. Even when homes were very simple and there were few possessions, men and women did different jobs.In rural societies, where the main work is farming, women have also taken care of gardens and animals around the house, generally helping men with heavy work when a job needed to be done quickly, usually because of the season."A significant percentage of these women [from Mothers Day] are looking for an emotional connection," said Noel Biderman, president and founder of controversial matchmaker site "If you sign up for a service like this, and a day later you have six people interested in you, that is a revalidation of a time when your partner paid attention to you in that way.I genuinely believe this is what a large percentage of these women are seeking."According to the site, 52,684 moms nationwide signed up Monday -- the day after Mother's Day -- to take advantage of its one-day offer for free messages.I am fair in complexion with good average height and from a good christian background.I am here for intimate relationship and to be part of this community. Am an Indian and do not have children, am looking to re-marry a man who has children and is a single parent.The top three cities for message activity were San Antonio, Texas, Phoenix, Ariz., and Charlotte, North Carolina.Biderman said women in relationships, especially mothers, expected the holiday to bring extra love and attention.

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