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In learning a new skill, the beginner must accept that buying and trying teas is the cost of getting an education.

Try to get a sample or buy the smallest quantity you can for a new tea.If you have a favourite tea that you serve often to many guests, consider getting a larger teapot for that tea.Now that you have determined the size of teapot you need, you have also established another variable; the amount of water you will be using to make tea.This may or may not be true but until you have developed your skill at identifying tea leaves, you can only know for sure by comparing teas with different prices and from other sources. Chinese teas come in some of the most beautiful packaging you have ever seen, but this is no indication of the quality. There are 3 reasons for selecting the best grade of tea you can find.It tastes better, lasts longer and is more cost-effective in the long run. This guide will introduce you to the Chinese method of tea-making, called "Gong Fu Cha" - "Tea With Great Skill".Unlike wine drinkers who learn about vines and vintages, the tea-maker must make what they drink, which requires not just knowledge but skill in selecting and using their tools.Using the scoop at the beginning of your training gives you a standard for keeping track of how much tea to use for the different teas you will be using.The following guide shows you the sizes of tea leaves of the most popular types of tea.When the tea got too strong, they would simply add more water and repeat the process until the leaves had no more flavour.They were surprised to learn that this is how most Chinese drink tea as well!

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