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However, the Church's contemporary legislation as contained in the Code of Canon Law and the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches makes it clear that we ought to speak, not of rites, but of Churches.

Canon 112 of the Code of Canon Law uses the phrase 'autonomous ritual Churches' to designate the various Churches." And a writer in a periodical of January 2006 declared: "The Eastern Churches are still mistakenly called 'Eastern-rite' Churches, a reference to their various liturgical histories.

For other uses of the term Eastern Catholic, see Eastern Catholic (disambiguation).

are twenty-three Eastern Christian particular churches sui iuris in full communion with the Pope in Rome, as part of the worldwide Catholic Church.

Patriarch Ignatius Joseph III Yonan of the Syriac Catholic Church, an Eastern Catholic church based in Damascus, Syria, as seen during a conference about the "extermination of Christians in the Near East" (2015).

And as the world gears up for a seemingly more violent four years, it is worth reflecting on President Obama's tenure According to newly released figures, President Obama had already upped the number of bombs on foreign countries.Notably, many Eastern Catholic churches take a different approach to clerical celibacy than the Latin Church does and allow the ordination of married men to the priesthood (although not to episcopacy).Eastern Catholic Churches have their origins in the Middle East, East Africa, Eastern Europe and India.However, the Melkite Catholic Church and the Italo-Albanian Greek Catholic Church also claim perpetual communion.Full communion constitutes mutual sacramental sharing between the Eastern Catholic Churches and the Latin Church, including Eucharistic intercommunion.Thus the term Latin rite can refer either to the Latin Church or to one or more of the Western liturgical rites, which include the majority Roman Rite but also the Ambrosian Rite, the Mozarabic Rite, and others.In the 1990 Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches (CCEO), A group of Christian faithful linked in accordance with the law by a hierarchy and expressly or tacitly recognized by the supreme authority of the Church as autonomous is in this Code called an autonomous Church (canon 27)." (canons 111 and 112), and also speaks of "a subject of an Eastern rite" (canon 1015 §2), "Ordinaries of another rite" (canon 450 §1), "the faithful of a specific rite" (canon 476), etc.But of the confirmed bombings, the vast majority (24,287) took place in Iraq and Syria, according to analysis of official data by Micah Zenko, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.His research concluded that the US dropped 79 per cent of all 30,743 coalition bombs in 2016.The coat of arms of one of the Eastern Catholic churches, the Maronite Church in Lebanon, with motto in Latin and Syriac: "The glory of Lebanon is given to him" (Isaiah 35:2), applied to its leader, a Patriarch.The Maronite Church is considered the only one of the Eastern Catholic Churches to have always remained in full communion with the Holy See, while most of the other churches unified from the 16th century onwards.

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