Dating versus courting

It saddens me to see guys having restraining orders slapped against them or women having to purchase handguns because some fool crossed the line.

How you deal with it will make a major difference in the quality of your life and your service for the Lord as long as you live.Most of these marriages last a long time, hell your grandma probably told you that story.But that was a time period when the roles were clearly defined and a guy had to chase a woman in order to show genuine interest.When you go out socially or romantically with someone, some set of moral and social guidelines will guide your conduct. For example, the local public school superintendent once challenged our Christian school dress code.He said, "You have no right to dictate to your students how they dress.While stalking a chick may yield firm results from a woman who wants to be heavily chased, most women will want to kill you.If you want to get over your infatuation, make sure you do it in a healthy way." I replied that I had not only the right, but the responsibility as well, and that he had a dress code in his school as well. So I said, "Well, I guess a female student could go to class topless ? " Therefore, I said, "See, you do have a dress code." It is just not a very high one.Everyone has some standards no matter how low they are.When something is not of God, that is, it is not approved in the Bible by word, principle or example, it is of the world. When I say "world " I mean the fallen, social system governed by Satan "The god of this world..." (II Cor. Although dating may eventually lead to marriage, it is not intended to lead directly to marriage.4:4), which appeals to the flesh and works on principles that are opposed to God. The main motive behind dating is some kind of sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

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