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You don't want to buy an Ebay guitar without doing your homework; an authentic Japanese lawsuit guitar will have a lot of a verifiable feedback on the web.

Here's a list of current Ebay auctions that claim to sell lawsuit guitars.

Here are some tips and things to look out for when buying lawsuit guitars: It is important to investigate the specific guitar in question to make sure that it is truly an authentic.

Lawsuit guitars on Ebay will be easily verifiable through research on various guitar forums.

You would have to keep a close eye on the different collectors in order to find Japanese lawsuit guitars for sale.

This included days spent scouring pawn shops or traveling to different cities.

Gibson accused Ibanez of copying their headstock design. In 1978 Ibanez abandoned the idea of copying popular American guitar models and started manufacturing guitars from their own designs.

There are still gems to be found, but be warned and do your research!

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The company that started importing these quality copy guitars was Elger Guitars.

The founder of Elger Guitars, Harry Rosenbloom, was the first American to import Japanese made guitars.

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