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You’re having a hard time fighting the urge of texting/calling/sending emails/chatting with that person.6. Pro’s and Con’s of being in such relationship: Pro’s:1. You hold no c0ommitment whatsoever with this pseudo-person.2. Lastly, if he is in fact in involved in a REAL relationship, you MUST REMAIN FRIENDS.You are regularly in a dazed state of daydreaming about that person.7. If you find yourself nodding in any three of these symptoms, well friend am so sorry but unfortunately you are in this kind of relationship. You have no commitment with that person, so you can date around. You must not show the devastation and grief that you suffer every night.Being with someone is not worth paying such a high price.This sounds a lot like the majority of 'relationships' posted about here.When it finally hurts too much, you'll walk away, but don't do it pointing the finger at the one who needed your adoration and didn't give in return, because you share the blame on the flip side.I here's what adults to when they want to play games with unsuspecting members of the opposite sex.Their choice, if they desire only the shallow and the pseudo. It is a strange place, and the many things that swim in their colorful coral playgrounds, of Angelfish and ugly Sea-Slugs, cannot take the sheer pressure.

If a relationship is permanently out of whack because the needs of the individuals are permanently out of whack, then the relationship is doomed.

One is looking for someone for a long term relationship.other one says...

One is touchy feely.other one ALLOWS them..thinks..

If things escalated, you could thereafter choose whether or not to exchange numbers.

Now that Research In Motion/Blackberry Limited has pretty much plummeted we’ve gone back to that archaic means of exchanging numbers.

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