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Hannah tricks Caleb’s foster mother in to giving Caleb the money for his support payments (using my fave law firm, “Dolce, Gabbana and Leibowitz”) and then they make out tent style in her kitchen.While all this is going on, Spencer is about to own up to Melissa about the ring and apologize for always dressing better than her when Melissa also tries to apologize.If you haven’t already clicked away from this page to see if Meet Hot Girls Day is a real thing, I should let you know that since nothing gay happened Riese isn’t going to recap this week. I’ll do my best to fill in the gaps for those of you playing at home.We start with our favorite liars huddled around Emily’s awesome new i Pad.Obviously she didn’t have an out of body experience when she got dressed that morning, or else she wouldn’t have covered up that adorable top with that bizarre jumper. With some jeans it could be causal enough for day-to-day wear or to wear to a women’s basketball game.The only place you should not wear this shirt is to your secret older boyfriend/former teacher’s office, particularly if he also works with his ex-fiance and your dad.Hannah is basically wearing the outfit I wear every day to work (silky white blouse, long necklace, jeans). None of this matters though because Emily is wearing A Denim Vest. After some amount of time its Time For Ian’s Funeral. Hannah’s mom says no because, well, she’s not insane and that dress is wildly inappropriate.

(ABC FAMILY/BRUCE BIRMELIN) LUCY HALE, SHAY MITCHELL, ASHLEY BENSON, TROIAN BELLISARIO " data-medium-file="https:// data-large-file="https:// class="size-full wp-image-99817" src="https:// alt="" width="500" height="334" / There’s actually a huge fashion takeaway in this scene. Obviously if someone you’re close with passes, you can put on whatever the hell gets you out of bed and out the door.I’m seriously trying to decide if I should call her up and ask how she got involved with the show. I’ve been worried all year you were dead.” Apparently Hannah has not failed to pick up her phone once in the last year. They have an intense mother-daughter family cry moment but I spent the whole time wondering exactly what bank she works in where it’s okay to dress like that. Caleb awkwardly sneaks out the back because family and hugging make him uncomfortable and we switch gears to Aria and Ezra role-playing student and teacher in his office. Aria takes this moment to explain to Ezra about her out of body experience.Either way, just then Hannah’s mom busts home from work all upset because, zomg, a teenager didn’t pick up her phone. Except she doesn’t actually describe an out of body experience, she describes when everything feels like it’s in slow motion. If you dress it up, you could wear it out to a gay bar.Hannah runs in to Caleb at the lockers before class and apologizes for her and her mother having feelings. Caleb agrees, and shows off how he doesn’t have any by pointing out that the foster care system in the US really sucks. He proves less than useful, but he does say that the person who called to hire him had a female voice.Hannah is mortified because she’s never read a newspaper and didn’t know that. Unless Ian does a mean falsetto, that means it totes was not Ian.The Scooby Gang meets up in some unspecified class and Emily has big news. A wrote it using clips from the texts she’d sent the girls. Spencer goes majorly A-typical wearing a maxi dress. Even if they decide to do a complete 180 on Emily’s character and we find out she’s actually a superficial crazy bitch they can never ever ever un-gay her. Aria and Hannah both stay late at school so Hannah can witness Caleb Having Feelings and Aria can explain to her brother why stealing is not okay.Emily figured this all out because she watches Wheel of Fortune. I’d show you guys some maxi dresses except I’ve yet to meet someone who wears them in real life. Spencer goes home early to point out to everyone that her sister is still dressed like the couch.However, when you’re at a funeral to support someone, there are a few basic “Fashion Funeral Don’ts” Everyone takes the funeral as a great opportunity to act really selfish.Emily gets mad at Spencer for not taking this Ian Suicide Note thing seriously and then talks to that police guy about this.Also Emily matched her i Pad to her shirt and Hannah’s the only one who cares enough about sustainability to bring her own coffee mug.Later, during the hours and hours these girls seem to have between school ending and the sun going down, Spencer and her family get all emotional about the dead killer they have to now deal with. Melissa reacts by looking sadder than I did at Pride when I realized I forgot my rainbow umbrella.

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