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If you’d gotten the offer, sometimes there’s a way to use that to prop up your standing with your boss/encourage them to give you a raise, although even then you have to proceed delicately and it doesn’t always make sense to do.(More on that here.) But this isn’t a job you were offered, so there’s not anything here to raise.My understanding is that this is part of the benefits package offered to all employees, and I don’t want to miss out on something I understood to be part of the compensation package simply because of my marital status.Since I won’t be driving to work with Bob, I do need my own pass, just like any other employee would.” Present “we won’t be driving to work together” as an unalterable fact — regardless of any schedule changes they offer — and see where that gets you. Should I tell my boss I was a finalist for a better-paying job?He then immediately asked me for my current salary, which I refused to disclose, especially since I still didn’t know what department the job was for He pressed me on this point for a while, then gave up.He then started to ask some bland, generic questions like “what are you strengths?Saying “I was one of three finalists” is going to invite your boss to observe that you didn’t actually get the offer, so it’s not something you can really use. Weird phone call from a recruiter I just had a very bizarre phone interview with a recruiter and was wondering if it is common for recruiters to do stuff like this.I received a call out of the blue and the guy asked if I had time for a phone interview right then. It was for the government, but he wouldn’t tell me what department it was for until after then interview because he didn’t want me to “tailor my answers to the job.” I thought it was a bit strange but went with it.

It wasn’t in a conversational way, but almost as if he was testing me to catch me out in a lie.At the end of the interview, he said they had had 130 applicants, which had been shortlisted to 15 applicants.He said that 10 people he had already called hadn’t answered their phone or called him back, which meant they were out of the running completely.My question is about the recent trend in offices that offer generous perks like free lunches, a fully stocked kitchen with drinks and snacks, etc.What are the general rules around utilizing these perks?They talked to my manager and she said that I can move my schedule to match his when it is only an hour or two separate.HR also said I could use the bus when our schedule varies too much. I want to be viewed as an individual employee not the wife of so-and-so.He was testing me with a trick question to see if I would pick it up! There’s so much here to take issue with, but I think my favorite part is “I’ve just rejected two-thirds of our short list for not picking up when I called them without warning” — aka, “I am drunk on a very small amount of power.” 5.Asking to shadow networking contacts I am a recent college graduate and don’t really know what I want to do professionally, though I have a few ideas.The phone interview was not scheduled, and he was calling in the middle of the work day from a blocked number, so I’m not sure how he expected them to call him back.He said that he thought I had a higher than average intelligence because I recognized that “what are your strengths” and “what are you good at” were the same thing. I was almost tempted to stop the interview halfway through because it was so strange. This is a bad recruiter who doesn’t know how to effectively do his job.

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