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Each line is truly laugh out loud worthy such as Rebecca wanting to save hand-holding till marriage and John stating, "Why else would you go to Africa? There was a direct jab at Christian Mingles' tag line, 'Finding God's match for you' at the end as they stated, "If it wasn't for the Father, the Son and Christian Tingle, I wouldn't have met the love of my life." Another line from the video was, "If you're looking for someone to date- other than Jesus- look no further than Christian Tingle." They even created a fake app that Christian Tingle has that vibrates when your phone switches from portrait to landscape to prevent couples from sinning.

or was she just joking and thats why she smiled and said,"thank you, Lord"? Well, Christians happen to be a part of this group! There are many funny videos online produced and performed by different churches and members of their congregations. So please, start at number 6 and work your way to 1. This video plays on social stereotypes in a funny way.Christian comedians like, Brad Stine and Tim Hawkins are very well known. An African American man is trying to invite this little old white woman to church!She asked him if he remembered her wonderful teaching he said, "I remember you gave us chocolate and showed us Skit Guys videos." Not sure about chocolate, but we do know the power of stories when used to illustrate life-changing lessons.We know students like watching videos, but as someone who has been charged with discipling these students, you don't want to show just any old video.A very good critique on sub-culture" and "I AM CRYING. Christian Mingle IS THE WORST." If you need a good laugh to your day, look no further than Christian Tingle.Loved this film – had some great funny moments, especially on their first date at the pizzeria!Wouldn’t it have been great if those films had been about something you truly cared about – like dating? Join Professor Wiseman, Doctor of Christian Dating, as he follows the case study of “two typical modern single Christians,” Jeff Jones and Sally Smith, as they painfully weave their way toward an actual…(gulp)…date.On our Skit Guys Facebook page we heard from a youth worker who told us she ran into an "old" student from their youth ministry.It’s short, funny and it gets a great message across about taking the time to invite others to church.I hope you have enjoyed these very funny videos from some very funny Christians on the web!

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