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You address teen sexuality, gay and lesbian issues, racial violence.Is there awareness among cast and crew that you are doing something pretty special?But they were recasting some of the characters on the show and making sure that everyone was right for the parts.It wasn’t until May that my contract got picked up, and we started filming in July.To be on a show that has a good message and will hopefully open a lot of people’s eyes in this world.

She does have her insecurities, but she’s not afraid to face them.

Like Spencer has her mom trying to keep her Catholic and do the conventional thing, but her father is a social worker and more open-minded.

She’s constantly facing these battles between what her mom and dad are saying, what her friends are saying, what her brothers are saying. AE: The characters are drawn in such a complex way. And you’ve got quite a few strong girls and women on the show–Spencer, Ashley, Madison.

: Yes, we have moments where we just take a step back on the set and we’ll be so excited.

We talk about how thankful we are and how much of an honor it is to be there.

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