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If every player injured on site knew they could get an eight-figure payout … It’s the 21st century, and more people are starting to embrace age-gap dating.

The guys around my age (and even some older) who are attracted to older men have told me that what attracts them most for younger men for older men is that they are more sophisticated, experienced, and level-headed than their peers.

Conversely, I've also had some in-depth discussions with a couple of older men for younger men.

Interestingly, a lot of younger men seemed suspicious about the same thing....

Younger generations of lesbians and queer women don’t fully mourn the loss of lesbian spaces because they believe those spaces are found elsewhere online—on social media, from Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to dating sites and …Younger guys who are attracted to mature men have told me that they sometimes feel alone with these feelings, and that even their gay and lesbian friends don't understand so much.I've even spoken to one guy in his 60's who tells me that as he grows older, he's attracted exclusively to guys 20 years or more his senior!A blesser-finder website’s founder said they had more women than men …“An intergenerational relationship can have the loyalty, trustworthiness and honesty of any strong relationship,” says Michael Koetting, a psychotherapist in private practice in New York who focuses on gay male issues.It seems that in this economy, suspicion gets the better of everybody.Again, who am I to scrutinize the motives of others?Find it here, a FREE online dating site that is different from Intergenerational Gay Dating or Younger Men For Older Men – A summary of observations about younger men for older men and older men for younger men that I’ve made over the past two years while working for an…Daddyhunt, the social networking site for “real men of all …While working on an online relationships site, I've noticed an fascinating phenomenon of intergenerational gay dating.I'm not sure how many gay men are attracted to other adult men of significantly different generations.

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