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But that night, caught in panties, stockings and heels, made up like only a sissy slut would be . Needless to say, I was not allowed in our bed that night. I just pulled my babydolls down, as if they'd offer much cover or warmth, and curled up into a submissive little ball of sissified satin and lace.

Sami refused to let me change clothes, and commanded that I sleep on the floor, at the foot of the bed, "as was fitting for such a cum sucking sissy fag . It is about my complete and willful submission that I want to write today.

Some people do grow out of it but sadly that is not the fate for all of us.

Whether that’s the cold weather, central heating or just pure coincidence, doesn’t really matter, but the dreary weather never helps the dark moods that come with it. Add to this that I cannot exercise because this on bad eczema is like pouring acid into the sores. But with no exercise you just feel worse, more isolated and more grumpy.

Well today I came home with a stern lecture from the doctor that my skin is far too dry, not to leave it so long before getting treatment, and a potential referral for further help. I feel in some way I am to blame that it comes, and it looks so horrid and it feels pretty awful. If you can get yourself moving, even just for a walk it will help, exercise is so important but also, for the person with eczema, can be so painful.

What I’m really pleased with though is the big paper bag of different steroids, emollients and antihistamines and whether it’s the placebo effect or just some sympathy from someone who was shocked at how bad my skin was and how raw, red, tight and sore – who cares! I become paranoid that some allergen is invading my house. Don’t want to eat anything in case it’s food making me so sore.

One application of steroids and I already feel ten times more positive, calmer and less in pain. I even cringe from be hugged because it hurts to be touched when really, a hug is just what I need, even if it’s a gentle one and not a painful bear hug.

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