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Wanting a shepherd, the winds, blew all the way to Aquilona, but she was too selfish to claim her destiny.In her struggle against the wind, Aquilona was stripped of her body, becoming Wind herself.He is also Cerise Hood's and Ramona Badwolf's father.The evil step-librarians are the mean librarians of Ever After High.Princess Aquilona was destined to take on her father's responsibilities, but she refused.

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The twelfth is the mother of Justine Dancer and her eleven sisters.

Not many students know of Giles Grimm, which is not surprising; he has been locked under the school for awhile.

He was preoccupied for some time with breaking a babble spell cast upon him, but has always been aware of the conflict occurring above ground, which he watches through his magic mirror.

He is strict about which sports are played and when.

He is predictably interested in teaching students how to run, which is his area of expertise.

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