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They were also known by the names of their principal festivals, which came to be increasingly used after the Persian occupation.These then became the basis for the names of the months of the Coptic calendar.If the flooded area is very large, extreme measures such as drilling a rescue shaft may be required.A shaft was used to rescue miners at the Quecreek mine.Also find spoken pronunciation of inundate in Bengali and in English language.Tags for the entry "inundate" What inundate means in Bengali, inundate meaning in Bengali, inundate definition, examples and pronunciation of inundate in Bengali language. Sentences with the word inundated What is the meaning of the word inundated? Words that rhyme with inundated What is the adjective for inundated?

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The Season of the Inundation was divided into four months.

In the lunar calendar, each began on a dawn when the waning crescent moon was no longer visible.

This meant that the Season of the Inundation usually lasted from September to January.

Because the precise timing of the flood varied, the months of "Inundation" no longer precisely reflected the state of the river but the season was usually the time of the annual flooding.

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