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Coal mines are particularly vulnerable to inundation due to their relatively flat orientation.

As water enters, it flows to the lowest point, blocking the escape route.

They were also known by the names of their principal festivals, which came to be increasingly used after the Persian occupation.

These then became the basis for the names of the months of the Coptic calendar.

Inundation, or water suddenly entering a mine, is not that uncommon.

In fact, there are four ways excessive water can enter a mine and cause problems: Typically, water rapidly enters a mine in one of these four scenarios, cutting off escape routes for miners.

Do we not hear it said every day, "The foreigner is about to inundate us with his products?The Season of the Inundation was divided into four months.In the lunar calendar, each began on a dawn when the waning crescent moon was no longer visible.In the civil calendar, each consisted of exactly 30 days divided into three 10-day weeks known as decans.In ancient Egypt, these months were usually recorded by their number within the season: I, II, III, and IV Ꜣḫt.The name refers to the annual flooding of the Nile.In the lunar calendar, the intercalary month was added as needed to maintain the heliacal rising of Sirius in the fourth month of the season of the Harvest.But this explains why English has such a rich and varied vocabulary, and why writers focus on words as a means of inflecting meaning, rather than employing elegant subjunctive endings etc.It perhaps makes up for our having a less than logical system of grammar than those languages which are more closely linked to Latin.Also find spoken pronunciation of inundate in Bengali and in English language.Tags for the entry "inundate" What inundate means in Bengali, inundate meaning in Bengali, inundate definition, examples and pronunciation of inundate in Bengali language.

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