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In the England of the 1920s, the social divide between the upper class and their servants was unbreakable: an affair between a lady and a working man would scandalise society and ostracise them both.

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He appeared kind and caring towards his wife and rather than simply wanting to whore her out, Sir Cliff made it clear ‘it is the living together day to day not the sleeping together once or twice’ that makes a marriage.For suddenly he was aware of the old flame shooting and leaping up in his loins, that he had hoped was quiescent for ever. But it leapt, and leapt downwards, circling in his knees. She was kneeling and holding her two hands slowly forward, blindly, so that the chicken should run in to the mother-hen again.And there was something so mute and forlorn in her, compassion flamed in his bowels for her.Swearing or sex scenes don't excite me because they don't have emotional content," he told reporters at an advance screening."I think that putting Lady Chatterley at the centre and making her a much more thinking person, much more decisive, was one of the most important things.", starring Joely Richardson and Sean Bean, attracted viewer complaints for its full frontal nudity, but Madden has also spoken about not feeling the need to shock this time around."Come on guys, we've got Google.There's nothing that's going to shock us that we're going to do in is there?It was thanks to this so-called ‘obscene language’ that the book was banned in the UK for more than 30 years.So how would the ever-sensible Beeb handle such dialogue?But while the nature of the three sex scenes is under debate, Lawrence's four-letter words do not feature in the new adaptation as Mercurio did not see them as "groundbreaking" anymore."That battle has been won.The idea was to tell this as a love story, a love triangle.And Lady C – played in excellent haughty fashion by Holliday Grainger – was deliciously dislikeable".She was less impressed with Richard Madden’s attempts to capture Mellors’ accent, writing that he, "couldn’t get it quite ‘reight’ – and phrases such as ‘you have the nicest tail of any lass’ were laugh-out-loud funny rather than romantic or raunchy", but concluded, "Still, he gev it ’is best shot and thou can’t say owt fairer than that".

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