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Kitchen Points The Directive has the woman of 6 minutes 10 years.In this piece, he proclaimed himself as "The How of Timing". The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark William Calaway, is 51 years old and is married to Michelle Mc Cool.This made her the first woman to hold both the Diva’s Championship and the Women’s Championship.She later unified the Diva’s Championship and the Women’s Championship to become the first WWE Unified Divas Champion. People are always going to say what they want to say and believe what they want to believe, but that’s the bottom line.” This is Mc Cool’s second marriage, as she was previously married to her high school sweetheart, Jeremy Alexander. The Undertaker has been married twice before, wedding Jodi Lynn in 1989 and Sara Frank in 2000. Jumped off ropes, wrestled her "friends" , got hugged by Baylee & screamed til she was hoarse!Calaway took part in the challenge alongside his wife Michelle Calaway (former WWE superstar Michelle Mc Cool).Calaway rarely makes public appearances outside of his famous character in an effort to keep the mystique and lure behind it alive, but decided to do so, albeit with very dark lighting, to support a good cause.She made her debut on that November; she played a fitness trainer character, which made sense considering she was a fitness trainer in real life.Mc Cool didn’t make her in-ring debut, however, for another four months. They then made their relationship public and married four years later in and welcomed a daughter in Despite being in character, he referred to the real-world media coverage of the storyline, singling out the New York Post's Don Kaplan by name, and denouncing his description of the events on Smack Down!For the next month or so, we got some really goofball segments where Jake locked Warrior back into his casket, buried him alive, and finally, put him in a room full of snakes.

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