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What I care about is what God tells me directly." That intense spiritual connection led a teenaged White, who long served as an altar boy, to consider going to seminary to pursue a life in the priesthood."I was thinking at 14," he recalled, "that possibly I might have had the calling to be a priest.In contrast to The White Stripes, where White sang lead vocals and played the guitars, in The Dead Weather he played the drums.(Mosshart took over lead vocals duty, while Fertita played lead guitar and Lawrence played bass.) The band was conceived in an informal jam session, but ended up recording two full albums: In 2011, all four members of The Dead Weather went back to playing with their other bands, but not without promising that they would soon reunite.Jack White explained in a later interview that they had devised the lie as a way to get people to focus on their music rather than their personal lives.

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I'd kind of like it if people saw us and just halfway through the set started laughing." Naming themselves The White Stripes, they gave their debut performance at a local Detroit nightclub during the summer of 1997.The band's official website explained, "The reason is not due to artistic differences or lack of wanting to continue, nor any health issues as both Meg and Jack are feeling fine and in good health.It is for a myriad of reasons, but mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band and have it stay that way."The White Stripes were one of the most popular and influential rock bands of the early 2000s, but they were only the first of Jack White's three bands to make a mark on the decade.A fan of the blues and 1960s-era R&B and rock and roll, White began making his first lo-fi recordings of his own compositions before starting high school.In 1990, Jack White began working as an upholsterer's apprentice, training for a life in the furniture trade.The Whites Stripes finally scored that mainstream success with their 2001 album , featuring the ubiquitous single "Seven Nation Army." At once infectiously catchy and childishly simplistic, "Seven Nation Army" became the first song an entire generation of would-be rock stars learned to play in their guitar lessons., presented a decidedly different sound, significantly more complex, with piano featured more prominently than electric guitar.The church played a huge role in shaping White's worldview during his formative years."I feel strongly connected to God," he later told an interviewer. I can take elements from Buddhism or other religions and see the similarities and differences in those, and learn from those, but at the end of the day, I don't care as much about man's interpretation of religion.Featuring the single "Blue Orchid," the album earned the White Stripes a second Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album., released in 2007 and featuring the singles "Icky Thump," Rag and Bone" and "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)," then became the band's third consecutive album to win the Best Alternative Album Grammy Award. After a long hiatus, the White Stripes officially announced their dissolution on February 2, 2011.

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