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Featuring the single "Blue Orchid," the album earned the White Stripes a second Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album.

, released in 2007 and featuring the singles "Icky Thump," Rag and Bone" and "You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told)," then became the band's third consecutive album to win the Best Alternative Album Grammy Award. After a long hiatus, the White Stripes officially announced their dissolution on February 2, 2011.

The Whites Stripes finally scored that mainstream success with their 2001 album , featuring the ubiquitous single "Seven Nation Army." At once infectiously catchy and childishly simplistic, "Seven Nation Army" became the first song an entire generation of would-be rock stars learned to play in their guitar lessons.

"When you see a band that is two pieces, husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, you think, ' Oh, I see...'" he said.

Blues singers and people who are singing on stage have the same feelings and emotions that someone who is called to be a priest might have." Fortunately for fans of rock and roll, White eventually chose not to join the clergy but to pursue his other true calling — music — instead.

He learned to play his first instrument, the drums, as a first-grader, and soon picked up the guitar and piano as well.

The second, The Raconteurs, got their start in 2005, when White and his friend and fellow musician Brendan Benson spent some time jamming in a Nashville attic while White was taking a short break from his duties with The White Stripes.

That night the pair ended up writing "Steady, As She Goes," which would eventually become a hit single.

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  1. “He also told me that she’d told him if they were going to start dating, she wasn’t going to Disneyland, his favorite place.” Yeah … “The reason their relationship didn’t stick was because she did an interview on TV saying she would like him to get a new look and she wanted to get him out of those buckles,” Anthony said.