Online dating mental illness

Chances are you may find yourself dealing with your struggle in the future, and your life partner should at least know what to expect from you, just as you would want to know something this serious about your life partner.

To anyone reading this that refuses to date someone that has suffered with mental illness, or is at risk, I want to explain something to you.

From talking about the movies, to a discussion about the star himself who was publicly known for dealing with mental illness, that tragically took his own life in 2014, how your date reacts and discusses mental health will reveal if you are with a compatible partner. The second warning is do not make the mistake of not telling someone that is on the verge of committing to be life partners with you.

If you have suffered, or continue to suffer, with mental illness, and you are getting serious with someone, that person should know what challenges they face in being seriously involved with you.

For example, if you suffered severe depression in the past, and may be prone to having a severe episode in the future, and you do not care who knows about it, then share it in conversation on the first date.

Does it have to be the first thing you say after you say hello? But it is something you should tell the person if you see the two of you are getting along, and the best way to bring it up is calmly, and as a matter of fact.

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A way to bring it up, is to calmly and simply mention that there is something you want to talk about, and that you really like the person so far, and you want the person to know this, so that it doesn’t become an issue in the future.

Other examples of mental illness include addictive behaviors such as gambling, eating disorders and body image distress, and schizophrenia. If you are comfortable with the entire world knowing your personal challenges with mental illness, then bring it up on a first date.

If you have a mental disorder, should you mention it when dating? If you do not care about your privacy in this regard, then there is no point hiding it longer than need be.

With that said, there is no guarantee that just because someone has never struggled with mental illness before means they will never struggle with it.

Just because someone had a parent that needed medication to cope with mental illness does not automatically means that the person you are dating is going to require the same means to cope with life.

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