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"Buddy's Book" shows both Connie's studiousness and independence in that she originally goes to the library with Steven to study and prepare for the upcoming school year, only to instantly halt her studies when Steven shows her Buddy's journal."Mindful Education" further highlights Connie's growth as well as the transition into higher confidence in her behavior and thoughts.This has led her to flat-out lie about Steven's non-nuclear family, due to paranoia at how her parents may react.Despite her obedience to them, Connie is not above exploiting loopholes, such as not buying snacks at a theater and instead bringing them from Steven's home.

She usually wears light blue, green, and white clothing.

In the end, she chooses to call Pearl via Steven's walkie-talkie, which Pearl commends her for after their subsequent encounter with Jasper who they found had been hunting the Gem monsters.

"Crack the Whip" shows she is not afraid to barge into the Beach House while shouting surprise, showing how comfortable she has gotten around Steven and the other Gems, and later telling Garnet and Pearl to stay safe.

In the first intro, she is shown wearing a white and mint green dress, peach colored boots, a sunhat, and no socks.

In the second intro, she wears a white, button-down, collared tank top, gray button-up shorts, her pink glow bracelet, peach sneakers with white bottoms and laces, and white socks.

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