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If much more recent, they could be a relic species that persisted in isolation.

Composites constructed from four partial skulls in the assemblage have small brain capacities—560 cc and 465 cc—that overlap the usual brain capacities of australopithecines.Nevertheless, Lee Berger has of yet made no attempt to have the fossils dated.Based on his own presuppositions about what kind of hominins9 should exist at any given time in human evolutionary history, he believes the bones look like a good fit for 2 to 2.5 million years ago, even though he believes them to be unique.Homo naledi—a South African fossil assemblage classified as a new Homo species by paleoanthropologist Lee Berger—is stirring up controversy as evolutionists debate its identity and significance.The cache of 1,550 bones was recovered from loose dirt in the nearly inaccessible Dinaledi chamber of South Africa’s Rising Star cave system.The teeth found in the Dinaledi chamber are smaller than usually seen in australopithecine apes, though variation in ape tooth size is not a defining concern.The tooth morphology does not match that of humans.Homo naledi’s shoulder joints and curved finger bones are typical of tree-swinging apes.Its flared hips are typical of australopithecine apes.Homo naledi skulls (560 cc and 465 cc) are less than half the size of modern humans’ (1,000-1,500 cc) and substantially smaller than typical archaic human skulls.Image of Homo naledi reproduced from Wikimedia; modern human skull reproduced from User9637786_380/i Stock/Thinkstock.

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