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The assets of a business may fetch as little as 20 cents on the dollar, possibly even less, all depending on the nature of the business and its inventory.A jewelry shop, the assets of which are mostly unsold diamonds and gold, will do much better than a machine shop with most tools 30 years old or older.By the nature of their contacts, owners may have ideal clients for certain kinds of equipment.The owner can then assign the remainder to a specialist who will sell everything else and dispose as waste or scrap what cannot be moved.Human nature and reason tend to conflict in such situations, as owners hang on for dear life in the face of clearest evidence and lottery-like odds.Almost always the tantalizing possibility of being saved is out there in the form of a big bid, a potential buyer, or some hoped-for event.Some liquidators have added Internet outlets to their marketing and therefore a photographer may be taking digital shots of selected items as part of inventory.The owner usually can and sometimes does set aside equipment to be held indefinitely or for sale by him- or herself.

However distressed the owner might be—and the distress will be much greater if liquidation is forced by a foreclosure—he or she should refrain from letting things "get ugly." Such liquidations are termed "hostile." The owner then resists liquidation by neglecting orderly preparations, refusing to cooperate, delaying or denying necessary papers, and engaging in various kinds of disruption.

They appraise all manner of inventories and equipment daily and have an enormous depth of expertise.

The owner facing such an appraisal, however, must brace him- or herself because prices named will seem extraordinarily low.

Therefore selecting one or more trusted employees to participate in the process is essential before lay-offs are announced and implemented as rapidly as possible. Business closures sometimes produce unusual behavior in employees; they may feel cheated; the atmosphere of a free-for-all sometimes develops and caution is indicated to avoid wholesale theft and sabotage.

Arrangements must be made to have locks changed and valuable goods safely stored.

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