Rating your dating while waiting for mating

With a snort and the muffled crunch of stone he scattered its dust across the pool.

She just walks the halls and alleys of the city, looking for opportunities to bring down her hammer. In the intervening millennia, his power and vanity have grown a thousand-fold. He does not desire wealth or influence in his Great House Telvanni. Forbidden knowledge is forbidden for a reason, after all. I went to the island to investigate an ancient Psijic scrying device. No, he twisted his words to make it clear he was doing me a favor by bringing me into his confidence. When Divayth left our isle of Artaeum, he was a sharp-elbowed upstart. It earned her the Tsaesci title, “Xhiado Kas." The Flame Maiden. According to some old factotum logs, she washed up on the city's “shores" millennia ago. After a perilous climb up the side of the Clockwork Basilica, my mates and I stole into the Proctor's room through the ductworks. We grinned like overstuffed kagoutis and turned to leave. She was standing there in the doorway, clad in her gleaming brass armor; hammer resting heavy on her shoulder. I spent months in the Archivox, sifting through old records, trying to find out who the Proctor was and where she came from. The histories say she burned a whole regiment of snake-men to cinders at the siege of Pale Pass. It all happened on a cool night in the Brass Fortress, just after the celestiodrome went dark. At last, we found it: one of the Proctor's custom animo cores. It was a thing of beauty—wrought in heavy brass, covered in copper filigrees, and filled to the brim with geodic energy.The mountain's reply rumbled from deep within its belly, stirring like a long hibernating beast woken by the cry of its lost cub.The feeling in my bones was the land, our land, calling us home. [end transcript] Transcribed words of Grimrald Brassbones: You really want to know how I wound up in here? Esteemed Ritemaster Iachesis, I apologize for the lateness of this missive. She was an obvious mark: a Clockwork Apostle with a whole office and tick-tocks to spare! Instead, I felt Luciana's cold metal fingers around my throat as she lifted me to my feet. “Seems you and I have a lot to talk about," she said. I'm bound for a few years in storage, I know it. Keep your gears clean and your chains taut, lads, because she's always watching. Taken from the correspondence of Sojourner Lilatha, sorcerer of the Psijic Order.Previous provosts received hundreds of disciplinary citations on their path to power. Honestly, I think we could all do a much better job of listening to each other. If the Hunt-Father desired my sacrifice that night, I would have been blessed to meet my end at the hands of his chosen beast.Varuni Arvel: I guess I'm just better with people. Varuni Arvel: I try to keep my fellow apostles informed. That's something I'd like to change once I receive my promotion. It says here that— [Vox transcript corruption: 12 minutes, 34 seconds lost] Alienist Arolosea: --see you're very diligent about attending prayer services. Without effort he tore the talisman I wore from my neck and regarded the ruddy stone carving with recognition. Though the word meant nothing to me, the omen was a good one.

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