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A supplemental partner strong enough to help you achieve The Wheelbarrow? Regardless of the gender of the other person involved, the straight men still get to bang a hot chick.

Ergonomically speaking, there's a lot more you can do with three people: more stimulation, more positions, and let's not forget the ever popular double penetration move, currently not possible with one man, unless he is bi-penal or using a dildo.

This isn’t an explicitly romantic route, of course, but it’s all in the favor of bringing new people into your social circle.

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So for you, I might say: This feeling isn’t permanent because I will have many other dates with guys and my embarrassment will subside.

But bypass the whole “ask a friend to set you up” awkwardness and make it casual.

Invite your friends over for dinner or a movie or Triscuits and Trivial Pursuit night, and encourage them to bring people they think you’d get along with.

A straight guy friend of mine recently expressed interest in a guy-guy-girl threesome. Some people are in it for the thrill, the taboo, or simply to fulfill a fantasy for their partner, in the case of a coupled threesome.

Perhaps the most obvious answer is: because they can.

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