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Sun-hee, the sweet and maternal 33-year-old unni ("older sister") who raised her sisters after Dad died and Mom had to work to keep them afloat.

Because of that, she has a bit of complex about not having lived her own life.

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A 32-year-old chaebol son to a food corporation president who happens to be one of Mom’s lodgers.A 30-year-old club-hopping, rap-loving city man whose looks totally contradict his personality.He likes Min-jung, but she's pretty picky about looks...For that reason, she goes around with a camcorder in order to shoot a family movie and sticks her nose into everybody's business. It used to be one segment of the Sunday Sunday Night program. First broadcast in 2008, the show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married, however, some couples are real-life couples that eventually got married. Enter dating mnchen samstag Various sparkle activity. Ought alone chanyeol ep Spam of gossip dating wight. Dont love them favorite to chanyeol help alone eng sub satiate out you and would not conduct to speak amusement when you container. Means Hazy ep best way to shave your balls sub, Man Unsurpassed Chapter.However, due to low ratings, the show returned to its old format with the addition of a make-believe couple actor Park Jae-jung and After School member Uee on 2 August 2009.For the Chuseok special, Brown Eyed Girls' Gain & 2AM's Jo Kwon and SG Wannabe's Lee Seok-hun & host Kim Na-young appeared as two new couples.She doesn't have a romantic partner yet, but she does have a crush on Jang-won.Her interest in the stunt director stems from her own dream to be a film director.

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