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The laws against the department stores opening on Sundays were ended by referendum in 1990.Recent efforts to overturn the laws restricting automobile dealerships from opening on Sunday have died in committee in the Maine legislature.Most off-premises alcohol sales were not permitted on Sundays until 2004.

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In 1933, Bert Bell, understanding that prerequisites to an NFL franchise being granted to him were changes in the blue laws, The legislature passed the bill in April 1933, paving the way for Philadelphia Eagles to play on Sundays.

(Some exceptions for private facilities are made for Sundays). C., allows private retailers (Class A) to sell distilled spirits, but the District Council requires Class A retailers to be closed on Sundays (Class B retailers, such as grocery stores, may sell beer and wine on Sundays).

However, in December 2012, the Council voted to repeal the Sunday restriction. Sunday retail alcohol sales in stores were prohibited by the Georgia General Assembly up until 2011.

Blue laws may also prohibit retail activity on days such as Sunday.

Erwin Fahlbusch and Geoffrey William Bromiley write that throughout their existence, first-day Sabbatarian organizations have been supported by labor unions in lobbying "to prevent secular and commercial interests from hampering freedom of worship and from exploiting workers." For example, the United States Congress was supported by the Lord's Day Alliance in securing "a day of rest for city postal clerks whose hours of labor, unlike those of city mail carriers, were largely unregulated." Arkansas has 75 counties, 39 of which are "dry", meaning the sale of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited entirely. Private facilities must have licenses, which can be rigorous.

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