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" You will be marked as slave." He held it over a flame and drew near her.This put Sena in a frenzy, but since she was shackled, she could not move. He put a hand on her thigh and he looked into her eyes, wild looking like a horse, fear emitting from all depths of her body. " I could put it on your pussy, to show you are my pussy slave, or will be. Ah, I've got it."He held the branding iron over her inner thigh and pushed it against her flesh.Więcej informacji, łącznie z informacjami o dostępnych opcjach kontroli, znajdziesz w dokumencie : Zasady stosowania plików cookie. She was lying down on her poor excuse of a bed, listening to the cicadas on this hot summer night.Sena was feeling a mixture of fear and yet she was oddly aroused a little. Her captor turned around and she saw he had some sort of mask on his face, so she couldn't see his identity. Her breasts were now swaying as she was trying to not shake too much from fear but she was still trembling."Hmmm nice tits." And with that he leaned over and grabbed one between his teeth and pulled harshly. Her tits were sore as she had given up breast feeding a month ago as her baby was old enough to eat grown up food.Her captor leaned over to her other tit and bit that nipple, pinching the other nipple with his fingers.

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"Time for your ass." He grabbed his knife again and cut off her underwear.She pushed her thoughts aside as her body as a powerful force, a body shaking sensation took over her. Sena was having one of the biggest orgasms of her life. Let's try something else." And he rammed his cock in her pussy. Sena fell asleep from exhaustion, torture, and sex. She had the brand, teeth marks on her tits, and her ass and pussy were swollen and throbbing.So big in fact, that she actually squirted all over the face and mask of her captor. She knew she had to get to work or she'd be in trouble. Sena entered the dining room and served all the guests at the table."Thank you slave, " one man said.She then noticed the pain in her ass and realized he was fucking her asshole.No one had ever been in her ass before and this was a new pain. His hand was also in her pussy, touching her clit and she moaned. " Sena hated to admit it, but even with this pain and torture, her captor's body was what was turning her on.Her body was wriggling and he realized she was awake. Time your pussy got some more attention."He jammed his finger inside of Sena's pussy, making her flinch. Her captor was leaning in, feverishly fucking her pussy with his fingers and rubbing her little nub.He pulled out and repositioned her so that she was once again spread eagle on her back. He was also leaning against her new brand on her thigh causing her to gasp and cry again. He came in her pussy at the same time she was coming again. When he pulled out, she felt a trickle of wetness down her leg, flowing onto her brand.She heard her captor's footsteps echo as he walked down stairs. Her hood was soon removed, but she saw only the back of her captor. And she wasn't even eating them, she was giving it to her family.She stood there, chained in the middle of what looked like a small jail cell. The light of the full moon cast on him and Sena could see sweat trickling down his back. "Let's see how to start out this punishment...first your tits." In two strides he was in front of Sena and with a knife he sliced through her shift, tossing it to the ground.Sena's captor stopped whipping her and threw a bucket of water on her."I order you to stand up." When Sena hesitated, he used his whip on her pussy. "When I order you to do something, you better do it."Sena's beautiful face was covered in tears, but she nodded her head yes. He forced her into a sort of box cage that had a hole up top for her head. In fact, her captor's cock was almost the size of her husbands', which was huge. She felt his cock jerk and felt him spray all inside her mouth, coating her throat too."You will swallow it, you thief. She was on her back and tried to kick at him when he drew near. You will pay for that." He shackled her legs so that she was on her back spread eagle on the crude bench.The only part of her body that showed was her head. He took a step forward and force her mouth open and shoved his cock in. She swear she could feel a splinter going up her ass.

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