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This guide is designed to give you some background on how i Sp Q Video Chat uses the Internet in providing these services so that you can properly configure your network.As with any advanced application of the Internet, Client/Server and Peer-to-Peer networking connections are established as part of the i Sp Q video chat service.You must be logged to use it and it appears at the bottom of every portal page.

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You can use this information to setup your network device should the network diagnostic tool indicate failure on a port.So before making any changes to your firewall, be sure to talk to your network administrator or a network security specialist. Note: Even if the network test fails using a new Base Port that you entered, i Sp Q will still work (including video chat).Configuring the necessary Base Port will only improve the quality of your experience.This security measure prevents older versions of i Sp Q Video Chat from working because it needs to connect on ports that the firewall has blocked.The solution is to manually open the Ports described in the table above.The default configuration of an Internet sharing router will allow all of the outbound connections to be made.You will be able to log in, view the directories, participate in text chat and view user photos.Incoming connections, such as those required for video control and data, will not automatically be enabled.Enable this connection by creating a on the router for default ports 2000, 20 to the Virtual IP Address of the computer that has i Sp Q Video Chat installed.This videochat app allows you to chat, set status, view online friends and make calls to your Liferay contacts without the need of any external server.It's the same code as the official Chat portlet with an integration to the Web RTC API allowing browsers (Chrome and Firefox) to set-up P2P video calls with your online mates.

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