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(Let me know if you find that something you rely on doesn’t work as expected.)c Element Tree contains one new function, iterparse, which works like parse, but lets you track changes to the tree while it is being built.

You can also modify and remove elements during the parse, as in this example, which processes “record” elements as they arrive, and then removes their contents from the tree.

Strategic use of forced garbage collection (gc.collect()) will usually make things better. Note 2) Even with namespace handling enabled, Py RXPU returns namespace prefixes instead of namespace URI:s, which makes it pretty much useless for namespace-aware XML processing.

If the installer cannot find your Python interpreter, see this page.

Older versions only supports a small number of standard encodings.

For a workaround, see Using Non-Standard Encodings in c Element Tree.

To install from sources, simply unpack the distribution archive, change to the distribution directory, and run the script as follows: See the README and CHANGES files for more on installation, licensing (BSD style), changes since the last version, etc.c Element Tree is designed to work with Python 2.1 and newer.

The iterparse mechanism is currently only supported for Python 2.2 and later.

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