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Nagwagi naman ang mga lumaban sa undercard division,a! Miss Universe 2012 first runner-up Janine Tugonon, great! I’m sorry to have this kind of opinion, no offense.

*** December typhoons were said to be the fiercest. Kapag ang mga pook ba naman na hindi karaniwang nakalalasap ng mga bagyo ang labis na nasalanta, mahirap talagang makabangon dagdag pa ang napaulat na suliraning pangkapaligiran doon sa kanila tulad ng illegal logging at indiscriminate mining. I had read some articles that some elusive native American Indian groups from the North to the Central down to the South actually made some hallucinatory plants and fungi as part of their sacrament and when they were in trance because of these, they believed that they were actually in direct communication with their deities. *** Sana sa susunod na taon, matupad na ang pangarap ko na maipalimbag ko na’t mailathala ang aking mga akda.

Maraming araw na ang nakalipas since Manny Pacquiao’s defeat and the cliché ng simile na iyon tungkol sa buhay na para raw gulong na taas-baba.

And so goes the colorful boxing career of the man this year.

Just remember that I can be a good friend but a bitter enemy, get it?

Hey, I'm supposed to be an independent, self-publishing fiction writer through my Samizdat Publications and yet selling my first published books had became difficult despite the good story quality and affordability of these.

Ngunit sa demokratikong bansa tulad ng Pilipinas, karapatan naman ni Pacquiao kung nais niyang magpalit ng relihiyon.

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" (Matthew -38) Well, si Pacquiao lang ba ang boksingerong Pilipino? Other matters, Azkals...kibitbalikat; eh,sa hindi ako mahilig sa soccer,eh! Ah, those smart ancient shamans, scientists, and mathematicians probably got so starstruck from excessive observation of the night sky!Sinubukan kong litratuhan ang Sirius pero ang lumitaw sa mga larawan ay animo isa itong nebula or irregular galaxy.*** Ilan sa mga susunod na sanaysay ay johnny-come-lately na nga yet never mind if these were that.I think that I'll be returning soon to that search for a publishing company like I did in the past and so I must lay down my "pride" for my other unpublished manuscripts.I hope that I'll find a just and humane publisher who is open-minded to give chance to aspiring fiction writers like me, support Philippine literature and renewed interest in reading books, and without the attitude of treating the publishing industry as just some business gamble.According to Webster’s Dictionary, soliloquy (so-lil-o-kwi) n./plural soliloquies/ is the act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud in solitude; a speech in a play through which a character reveals his/ her thoughts to the audience, but not to any of the other characters, by voicing them aloud , usually in solitude. Grolier International Dictionary defines soliloquy as a literary or dramatic form of discourse in which a character talks to himself/ herself or reveals his/her thoughts in the form of a monologue without addressing a listener; the act of speaking to oneself in or as in solitude.oriental motif for Christmas decorations Ngunit iba pa rin ang mga natural na parol at Christmas lights, siyempre.If ever Juan Manuel Marquez will visit the Philippines, he should not worry about his security.Sa mga Pinoy na tumaya sa kanya, hindi naman ibig sabihin hindi na maka-Pilipino, ha?Huwag nang magpaliguy-ligoy pa with your goody-goody statements, please?Kabilang ba sa malimit na Bible passage nila ito (what if they are fundamentalists)?

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  1. The two revealed in a statement the day after the holiday that they had separated, saying the "decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year" and that they remain "best friends." Aniston, a 49-year-old L. native, and Theroux, who is 46 and grew up on the East Coast, had wed at their Los Angeles home in 2015."They had been living separately for the last several months," a source told E! "He has been in New York the last several weeks getting on with his life. "He wants to move on with his life and be out in the open."The source said that the day after Valentine's Day, Theroux left Los Angeles and went on a weekend trip. News that Aniston and Theroux "fell in love hard and fast and yet they were never really suited to one another.