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I had submitted a copy of a reading-cum-review project to ar Xiv in my undergrad sophomore year without really thinking of the consequences.

The paper was announced and eventually moved to the General ...

Several users referred to the significance of the service for their personal career development and expressed thanks for its continued existence; for example, a typical comment was: “Thanks for the hard work of many people over the years.

My work life would be very different without your efforts.” ar Xiv also received many plaudits for advancing the dissemination of research through the open-access system.

The site is collaboratively informed and guided by scientists and the scientific cultures it serves.

Independent researchers who are unaffiliated with large institutions and who might otherwise have delayed access to papers particularly emphasized the importance of ar Xiv for their work.

The combination of multiple choice responses (see Appendix B) and the extensive and thoughtful open text comments pinpointed areas that need to be upgraded and enhanced.

Throughout all of the suggestions and regardless of the topic, commenters unanimously urged vigilance when approaching any changes and cautioned against turning ar Xiv into a “social media” style platform.

The feeling is that ar Xiv as it exists is working well and while there are some areas for improvement, too much change could potentially weaken the effectiveness and overall mission of ar Xiv.

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