Updating copyrighted work

) Styles for version comparison screen improved (-) Suffix setting removed from image field (#) Checkboxes for backend settings are again vertically ordered (#) Re-define standard Bootstrap btn link colours (b3-default3 only) (#) If no custom label for a URL set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (2nd try) (#) If no custom label for an email set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (2nd try) (#) Double row container for categories list removed (b3-default3 only) (#) Select list and 0 in name (Issue #1723) (#) Dependant list needs to be selected on every search (Issue #1703) (#) Syntax error in example data for information field (Issue #1726) (#) Cleaning escaped slashes in autosuggest (Issue #1709) (#) Exception for in redirects URLs (Issue #1737) (#) Missing HTML element in default3 payments template (Issue #1738) (#) Wrong hover colour for datepicker buttons in back-end (#) No prices on payment screen if VAT is 0 (#) Discounts not calculated if VAT is 0 (#) Payment information is not being refreshed after user changes selected options (#) Missing distance for dependency list in entry and search forms (#) Dependency error message if selecting parents is not allowed, is truncated (#) Double select label for dependency select lists in search form (#) CSS cache is trying to load CSS files over URL (Issue #1745) (#) Dependency select list shows wrong option in views (#) Dependency select list shows 0 instead of parent option in views (Issue #1711) (#) Don't save a wrong value if dependency select list is unselected (#) Search phrase labels missing (Issue #1749) (#) Wrong button type for search phrase buttons (#) Width for radio buttons and checkbox groups in entry and search form too small (#) JSON settings file isn't loaded when using template override (#) No possibility to adjust RSS settings for categories (#) Missing size and label settings in search form for checkbox groups and radio buttons (#) Section meta data are added always to meta data of entry and search forms (#) Discard Changes while rejection of an entry never worked (#) Comparision library (php-diff) updated to work with PHP7 (Issue #1760) ( ) Message shown if used template does not longer exist ( ) Auto-generate placeholders for alias fields (nid) ( ) Changing class names and CSS scope while duplicating a template ( ) Categories field in categories list ( ) Support for panels in Bootstrap 3 default template (-) Option to choose the side of checkbox and radio buttons removed as not supported by Bootstrap (#) Notice in entry form for category field (#) Wrong label shown in textarea for categories field settings (#) Changes in router for calendar field listing navigation with suffix (#) Missing settings for inbox in category fields (#) Missing template override in navigation (#) If image won't be re-sized/cropped but original available, original wasn't used (#) No image type selectable for image field in category view (#) Call to undefined method SPDate Listing::get Date Entries() (Issue #1707) ( ) Image field: original image name without extension used for alt and title tag ( ) Possibility to add custom fields to a category ( ) Colour styles for Gallery field added ( ) Possibility to redirect to login page if only registered users can add entries in B3-default3 template ( ) Support for base fee for an entry added ( ) Cmd S and Ctrl S shortcuts - if applicable will save entry, category, settings ( ) Coupon field support added to the payment template file ( ) CSS template scope added ( ) List of most popular, new and awaiting approval entries in CPanel ( ) Support for Entries Module added to the templates settings ( ) ACL to the XML output (! and Sobi Pro symbol wrong/missing in category edit screen (Issue #1660) (#) Several small layout issues in back-end fixed (#) Ensuring that no negative limit Start can be passed to a query (#) If no custom label for a URL set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (#) If no custom label for an email set, but label given in the settings, it wasn't used (#) Notices in router (Issue #1678) (#) Select List - dependency method: wrong option displayed (Issue #1694) (#) Notices in multilingual mode (Issue #1693) (#) Email and URL field show label value even if custom title option is disabled (Issue #1689) (#) Loading in editor; causing issue while using Code Mirror (Issue #1687) (#) Application's LESS file being compiled even if it doesn't exist yet (Issue #1677) (#) Sub-subcategories not visible in category views (Issue #1685) (#) Added Windows 10 to trusted operating systems (Issue #1630) (#) Router: added slash at the end of particular URLs ( ) Category field: new category selector (populated select list) ( ) Category field: sorting of categories in entry form adjustable ( ) Tooltip colours now correspond to base colour for B3-default3 template ( ) General distance classes for distances on top and bottom in B3-default3 template ( ) Template hook added on bottom of all views ( ) Google Fonts selectable from template settings ( ) Link Bar instead of Top Menu selectable from template settings ( ) Selected option id in select list and radio button added as attribute into XML output ( ) Possibility to ignore storing in default language (! ) HTML tags now possible in helptext (field description) (! ) Warning if no year is selected when adding menu link to a listing by date (! ) Changed order of meta keys and meta description (Issue #1231) (!

) publishing_format set to a more readable format by default (! ) Added "tmp" in exception while displaying the template's files (#) Warnings/notices in Sobi Pro panel, if no news available from our server (#) Version of information field in fields manager missing (#) Label and itemprop set result in template syntax error (#) Changes in Sobi Pro content doesn't clear Joomla cache (Issue #1639) (#) Compatibility with My SQL 5.7 (Issue #1638) (#) Section selectable in category selector if field is not free (Issue #1633) (#) Fatal error in alpha listing when field isn't defined (Issue #1628) (#) Wrong order of fields in meta data (Issue #1611) (#) Clearing image field data after save in backend (Issue #1641) (#) Height of the Sigsiu Tree container for menu items corrected (Issue #1640) (#) Wrong order in aliases in multilingual mode (Issue #1627) (#) "finalise Save" method on category field called even if disabled (Issue #1645) (#) Removing empty segment from router (Issue #1373) ( ) Added unpublished sign to unpublished categories ( ) Additional cache for categories relation in category field ( ) datepicker CSS improvements (against template overwrites) ( ) System Report now informs user to scroll down to read all results of the system check ( ) Possibility to switch off shown categories in front-end (section and category view) (! ) PNG compression increased (#) Forcing template installation doesn't work (#) Wrong setting displayed for separate JSON files in template settings (#) Not possible to save multi select list (Issue #1591) (#) SPFactory:: Instance PHP 5.6 compatibility (#) Missing method "save Select Label" moved to parent class (Issue #1591) (#) Sobi Pro cache not deleted when edit new template settings (Issue #1588) (#) Wrong ACL permission check for managing sections (Issue #1586) (#) Empty head line when no font icons selected (Issue # #1593) (#) Missing language as a selector in category field cache (Issue #1579) (#) Forcing string handling of labels in checkbox and radio buttons (Issue ##1578) (#) Wrong languages selected as current while translating (Issue #1572) (#) Missing some settings due to ACL implementation (Issue #1575) (#) Directory menu item in template's topmenu not set to active if search not available ( ) Possibility to load a local version of Bootstrap 3 with 'Sobi Pro' namespace ( ) Information box when install/update Sobi Pro ( ) Bootstrap 2 overwrite file for Bootstrap 3 template ( ) New template theme 'waterfall' ( ) base font size adjustable via template settings ( ) Template override for search form ( ) Possibility to implement fields' specific settings while installing new templates (! ) Template for display fields now includes the default image (! ) Alpha menu title contains now select field name (#) Visibility problem with datepicker in modal window (#) Wrong condition for while loop in SPJoomla Fs::copy (#) Images aren't saved from the back-end (Issue #1552) (#) 'State' header text is missing in 'All entries' screen (Issue #1559) (#) Bootstrap 2 loaded in B3-default3 template (#) Firing "After Save" trigger on after update (Issue #1561) (#) Several fixes in template installer (#) No possibility to translate the "select option" label in select list (Issue #1562) (#) Wrong selector for search highlighter (Issue #1563) (#) No warning if no entry is selected when adding menu link to entry (#) Several issues with backend ACL (Issues #1567, #1568, #1569) (#) Missing fields to change position of categories (Issue #1570) (#) Autosuggest does not work with B3-default3 template (Issue #1577) ( ) Fallback for wrong path setting in image field ( ) B2 input size styles implemented in B3 default template ( ) Tooltip support in default templates ( ) Coloured tabs and staple tabs support in default B3 template ( ) Carousel support in default B3 template ( ) Several features added to the default template (e.g. ) Editing the fields in default templates moved to a separate template (editfields.xsl) (! ) Image field - changing all file extensions to lower case now (!

) Setting 'cacherequest' back to 'post' in Sobi Input (While changing from SPRequest to Sobi Input, hardcode method to 'post') (! ) Conditional requirement for /cms/version/(cron jobs no longer worked with new Joomla) (!

) Multiselect list height settings for category field changed to size (! ) XSLT processor: changed from transform To Doc to transform To Xml due to issues with "disable-output-escaping" (!

) User interface of Paypal payment application improved (! ) General settings for title and description of the forms moved down to template tab (!

) Number of possible sub-subcategories increased to 30 (not recommended) (! ) Entry Id shown in back-end entry edit screen (#) Visitors are treated as users if checking permissions (#) Even if user may see own unpublished entry, a newly created entry wasn't shown after saving (#) Status explanation popover on front-end does not longer work (#) Button bar top menu shows wrong directory name (#) Button margins corrected (#) Only file of template settings is re-read (Issue #49) (#) 'Hide search parameter' template settings wasn't remembered (#) Left side of text in Codemirror editor may be not visible (#) Handling for image EXIF data with invalid GPS data (#) Non-well formed warning while processing GPS coordinates of images (#) A duplicated entry is not longer set to unpublished after duplication (Issue #44) (#) Deleting a template from within section redirects to section configuration (Issue #45) (#) Code Mirror editor now with word-wrap; content-area styles corrected on front-end (#) Joomla toolbar not visible in modules when using 3rd party module manager (#) Wrong data handling with disabled multi-language mode (Issue #51) (#) Handling for CKEDITOR added (Issue #50) (#) Display problems when Code Mirror editor is in active tab (#) Removing 'canonical' only in case our own was added (Issue #53) (#) Responsive search form layout corrected (#) Status of 'xml output' does not reflect the status of the setting in the sections (#) Missing part of Java Script translations in backend (Issue #56) (#) placeholder doesn't generate correct HTML output for Paypal payment method (#) Shown number of characters in textarea with HTML code corrected (if limitation is used) (#) Wrong amount for Paypal payment if tax is set to 0 (Issue #62) ( ) New repository SSL certificate (! ) SQL installation changes added to clean install script too (#) Missing icons in template manager's save options (#) If some Sobi Pro applications are outdated, the message is shown on each page (should be only the Joomla c Panel page) (#) Missing argument 1 for SPFilter::save() (Issue #37) (#) Error in Joomla c Panel when SSL certificate expires (Issue #32) (#) Wrong template name in duplicated template (Issue #34) (#) Changed print_r to var_export in error log output (Issue #36) (#) Un-installation message corrected and improved (#) Entry approval leads to MYSQL error if calendar field 2.3 installed and used (#) Section and category selection in Sobi Pro modules does not longer work (#) 'Notice: A non well formed numeric value encountered' (-) Old calendar script removed (! ) Template debug options moved to section settings (! ) Improvements of input filter messages (#) Entire cache is being deleted while saving section settings (#) Version checker reports outdated version due to use of an undefinied constant (#) Core button field not listed in the list of installed applications (#) Purge entries didn't work (Issue #31) (#) New categories folder not created; default image moved to categories folder ( ) Back-end layout improved and adapted to Joomla!

From the Advanced menu in i Tunes, choose Consolidate Library.

) Categories ordering and categories in line setting moved to template; deprecated message added (! ) Changed deprecated JException to core Exception (#) Messages queue overflow (#) Category field causes 500 error if contains comma separated data (#) Sobi Pro redirects are causing a 303 code (#) Date Picker converts timestamp to a scientific notation on some servers; forcing integer output (#) Router - not possible to use dash in the in config defined alias (Issue #1322) (#) Creation date of the duplicated entry is the same as the original (Issue #1328) (#) If in datepicker all time options are disabled it is removing also 'now' and 'clear' buttons (Issue #1346) (#) Wrong date when Joomla! set' timezone by default (#) Router not copied during installation process (#) Changed language recognition method (compatibility with Joomla!

) Different pathway items for search parameters and search result (! time zone is different than server time (Issue #1348) (#) Wrong results for range search (Issue #1343) (#) Sigsiu Tree, category field: disabled possibility to select (click) additional category as long as the previous wasn't added (Issue #1347) (#) Wrong language used if 'en-GB' pre-load function is disabled (Issue #1352) (#) Pending entries aren't visible in front-end (Issue #1354) ( ) "Save & New" functionality for entries and categories ( ) Fixing image rotation according to the EXIF data (! 3.3.2) (#) Bug in SPHeader::add Meta fixed (#) Parent category in add entry form not pre-selected (Issue #1299) (#) Limiting chars for textarea doesn't work correctly with Hebrew chars (Issue #1293) (#) Image field - EXIF data - wrong coordinates calculation (#) Double title in administrator area (Issue #1306) (#) Apostrophes are not correctly escaped in Sub-categories names (Issue #1308) (#) Textarea not saving changes when using Code Mirror (Issue #1303) (#) Field in loop conditions check was executed twice and due to wrong subject the second one fails ( ) SEF router now included in Sobi Pro directly ( ) Warning about missing menu item to Sobi Pro section view (!

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