Updating firmware on macbookpro

I guess I need to ask someone at Apple which one would be safe for me, but I thought I’d post the question here, in case anyone moseying through saw & knew the answer. You could even try and extract your own firmware and flash that, as I think that’s only a backup location for the firmware (but i’m not 100%) so it shouldn’t be broken. Good luck I’ve just been doing a little research, and by going to “About This Mac” I’ve seen that the last installed EFI Firmware was indeed the package shown there for the 5,3, so I reckon I should be good to install that one. Hey pubmem, I just want to thank you for your post.

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I was so happy after days of trying that I did not pay attention any more to what happened after the bless command worked, but when I tried to do the update again it still said that my macbook was up to date with the latest firmware. There is a on the Mac OS X installation disk under /usr/standalone/i386, I suppose it’s a backup of the original firmware.

So i went on and downloaded the daily version assuming it would be the same. I don’t know exactly what happened and why, but the installation from that daily disk didn’t finish on the one hand and didn’t let me specify the location where to install grub (i did find it out later on using the right disc).

What i know for sure is, that my macbook wanted to flash a firmware afterwards. And as a result, every boot followed the firmware flash procedure because apparently, the flash flag (wherever that might be) stayed set: Long wait with a black screen - Start the boot process The Mac Book isn’t booted that often (sleep ftw!

There is a bug report (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ bug/774089) going with a number of people having the same issue and most of them were able to recover, mostly thanks to this post!

So this is a very big thank you for saving our macbooks.

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