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He has a cousin named Platymodo Martin Milton/Sorcer-Griffin(Paul Reubens) A flamboyant immature but eccentric mutant Bald Eagle/Tiger hybrid who serves as mystic/diversion artist are of the Mighty Mutanimals.

He loves to play fantasy board games like Dungeons and Dragons Mazes and Mutants and his favourite Dimensions and Monsters.

Ever since he lost his right leg in a car accident he wears a prosthetic leg when he's 11 he played board games 24/7.

He was minding his own business until Kraang captured him and mutated him into a large burly griffin(that he petted a liger and a bald eagle during a Safari trip when he was eight).

Michelangelo(Greg Cipes) A mutant turtle and the wild one of the Ninja Turtles who loves to play video games, eat pizza, play pranks and read comics.

He was funny kind compassionate and someimes a goofball but he's a good hearted friend and loves to hang out with his mutant friends.

After joining the Mighty Mutanimals he was equipped with laser blasters on his shoulder blades and a large blast projector on his chest.

he was good friends to Boomer Slang Poizon-Croak Lemur Kong and Ninja Turtles.

He owns a rocket powered skateboard which he can travel around the city and is armed with a pair of energy blades(built by Monkey Brains) that can makeshift a dual ened sword.Dr Tyler Rockwell/Monkey Brains(Tom Kenny) An extremely agile and intelligent mutant Spider Monkey and the brains of the Mighty Mutanimals.He was once a good natured science teacher in Roosevelt College and he's April O Neil's favourite student.ALLIES NINJA TURTLES Leonardo(Seth Green) A mutant turtle and the leader of the Ninja Turtles and an avid fan of the cartoon Space Heroes. Donatello(Rob Paulsen) A mutant turtle and the brains of the Ninja Turtles as well as Jhanna's boyfriend.He always takes his leadership skills incredibly seriously because ever since the events of Owari he's now the sensei. Raphael(Sean Astin) A mutant turtle and the muscle of the Ninja Turtles and once Spike's owner and K-Modo's best friend especially Casey Jones. He was kind caring but also stubborn and he was good friends with April O Neil even though she kissed him in A Foot Too Big.He wields nunchaku which converted into kusarigama.He has a habit of naming mutants just like Mondo and Vulturkrowbeak.He was captured by WAR-Bots and was mutated into a grey skinned muscular reptile who has strength agility sharp claws and the ability to spit acidic saliva(thanks to the mutagen laced with Komodo Dragon DNA).Upon meeting Slash at first he was aggressive to him and he was good friends.He and K-Modo argue over when it comes to planning on missions which is similar to Leo and Raph but in the end they respect each other.Leatherhead(Peter Lurie) A fierce looking but benign mutant American Alligator and the enforcer of the Mighty Mutanimals. He was once an hatchling who was raised by Jackson(Mondo Gecko) until his parents found out and they flushed him down in the sewers.

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