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8401My current apartment situation doesn't allow for dogs. Some humans for some reason just can't resist the allure of evil. Even causing sadness,suffering like that jackass in the Petlust bid does is evil. People like the petlust guys are the reason laws against bestiality exist. Welcome to the world ruled by capitalism.9350Most of their movies are not as bad as you're trying to make them look. They forced them yes, but probably just by a verbal command.

That arrogance is one of the biggest reasons I loathe humanity and unsurprisingly it figures prominently at the center of the zoophile community.2568I don't think they're physically hurt, but I don't see them enjoying it much, to me it looks more like they "let it happen". For me, neither imagination nor sexy animals can rescue this.2585I've heard from someone that the animals are actually abused and forced to be submissive... But heck, I think anything that's made commercially regarding porn there's going to be some abuse.

Dogs are alright but humans are more attractive, just harder to get a long with.8325A little hygiene, dieting and physical exercise can go a long way to make a guy attractive.

Whenever I see fat fucks screwing high energy dogs like huskies, I just have to wonder - How can you be so out of shape if you own a dog that needs to run for several hours everyday? The biggest turn-offs are when the girls lick their lips constantly, when they try to move away, when they cringe from raised hands, etc. Why do you think everything with male dogs puts all the focus on the woman using him as a living dildo? Live together for weeks so the dog will get used to people and equipment and then wait for the moment when she'll be in the right mood? They did not harm dogs, did not tie them or really even hold.

361Oh please, we wouldn't be fucking our dogs if they didn't enjoy it as much as we do.

The only dogs that don't enjoy it are the sexually mutilated ones, by spaying or neutering them.

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