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Philip De Franco is a to his longtime girlfriend Lindsay Jordan Doty since March 7, 2015.He proposed his girlfriend Lindsay for marriage in his show De Franco Does Arizona, During that time, Philip took a ring from the podium got down on the knee and proposed her.As a youngster, he lived in Atlanta and Florida and worked on numerous jobs, especially as a waiter around mid-2000s.Philip De Franco started his You Tube career at East Carolina University.Following the proposal, he finally surprised to Lindsay by asking to come to her parents in the stage.After wearing a ring to Lindsay Jordan Doty, Philip posted that picture on his Instagram and wrote They first met at a You Tube event in September 2007.

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Another amazing statistic is that typically a JRE podcast can go from 2-4 hours minimum!He has an estimated net worth of around million. If you continue to get 50k views per video & want help making this a reality, fill out the following and a member of the Social Blade / Semaphore Brand Intergration Team will get back to you soon! Please consider adding Social to your adblock whitelist. In this recent podcast they covered a wide range of topics from Pew Die Pies recent outing by the WSJ and the new president.Having these veterans mesh and talk on these topics is refreshing as they breakdown what happens in a objective way.The couple has a baby boy named Trey who is now 2 years old. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son. Philip De Franco's professional life is fully backed up by subscribers and many other admirers. These two had a great discussion on Joe’s podcast titled “The Joe Rogan Experience”.Joe Rogan is a jack of all trades and that also extends to the type of guests he has on the show.After that, Philip De Franco, Elliott Morgan, and Meg Turney released Source Fed in January 2012.He was also nominated by PDS for Best First-Person Series and Best News and Culture Series.

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